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Proudly a part of the local community and serving small businesses for over 35 years.

We want to ensure we have your trust and 100% confidence. 

B-right Bookkeeping is built on the vision of being the bookkeeping partner for small businesses in our community. Bookkeeping is an essential part of the operations for all small businesses. Owner Joyce, recognized this as her passion. Over the years, we know the top priority for businesses is to have an accurate set of financials to effectively manage cash flow and stay well informed on company performance. This is must for a company planning for the future and hoping to remain successful.

Business often leave bookkeeping as their last priority and it should be the first!


Small business owners do not have the time to do their own bookkeeping they are too busy working to get their business off the ground. If you do not have the desire or know-how to do your own bookkeeping at the end of each day then we want to help you stay organized and ready for each tax season. Don't leave your books for the last minute. Accurate bookkeeping is required by both federal and local tax agencies.


Other reasons for having an accurate set of books are:

When applying for a loan: Without proper bookkeeping banks won't even look at a business for loan purposes. 

When trying to sell your business: If you are looking to sell your business, you needed to have proper books for the buyer to review.

When planning an expansion:  Know your cash flow and if this type of goal is viable before you embark on big change or expansion. No knowing these details could be detrimental to a business.

Operating efficiently and succeeding in the long run can only happen if you know where your money is going.  Certainly you may make hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in a year but if you do not know where you are spending the money you may have nothing to show for it at the end of the day. Having a proper set of financials will tell you where you spend your money and how you can watch your spending in different areas to make your business more viable.

If you're not a numbers person, trust us to help you. We have a passion for numbers and helping people make their business grow. 


Do you need...

Help in other areas of finance? 


Advanced tax planning or banking needs?

We have a trusted network of professionals. These are trusted partners with long standing relationships with B-Right Bookkeeping and our customers. Our network will be a major asset to you and your business.

Check out our LINKS & INFO page for details on our partners.













Joyce has over 35+ years bookkeeping experience and is passionate about getting small businesses organized. She has owned B-Right Bookkeeping since 2014 and previously has worked in a public accounting practice, in the banking industry as a customer service representative, personal and commercial lender, as well as a banquet manager for a hotel.

Her experience led her to her own business after completing her Business Management Degree, majoring in Accounting. She is also a Quickbooks Online Advanced Proadvisor.

Joyce is committed to her community. She loves to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald house meals program and was the Treasurer for Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce.




Ramona has been with B-Right Bookkeeping since September, 2016. She is highly motivated and nearing her completion of Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, as well as working on becoming a Payroll Compliance Practitioner.

She has 10+ years of bookkeeping experience as well as a background in Human Resources, Payroll, and Safety Program Administration.

Ramona enjoys running 5k and 10k races, as well as Obstacle Course Races including Mud Hero, Foam Fest, Spartan, and X-Warrior. 




Roxanne has been with B-Right Bookkeeping since September 2017. She is an accomplished professional with over 35 years experience in bookkeeping and office management. 

Her enthusiasm for her work and customers pushes her to always learn new things and be involved with her community. Since 2005 she has proudly been the executive Director for the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis Alberta Society and regularly volunteers for the Lettering Arts Guild of Red Deer.




Michelle started with B-Right Bookkeeping as an intern in early 2021 while completing her University Certificate in Accounting with Athabasca University. Once completed, she joined our team as our newest bookkeeper. She has also continued her education by becoming a Quickbooks Online Pro-Advisor and is currently working on becoming level 2 Sage certified. 


Michelle has previously worked as a bank customer service representative and at the library in her town. She is committed to meeting our client’s bookkeeping needs and works to ensure they are up to date and organized. 


Michelle is an avid reader in her spare time and enjoys time spent with her family. 

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